How we bring innovation to cleaning services

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As leaders in commercial cleaning, we are transforming the way our people deliver services to our customers.

What was once a low tech/highly manual industry is shifting to become a more innovative, technology and data driven service that delivers real benefits to our customers and staff.

Our flexible and integrated solutions improve customer experience, drive efficiencies and enhance governance and transparency.

People are often surprised at how sophisticated our methods are. But, what we are using today is only a small indication of what’s to come.

Our Innovation Ecosystem


Data & Analytics

A fully integrated solution, seamlessly connecting Consolidated, our customers through data and analytics. 


Smart Services with IoT

Smart Services enables our customers to see their buildings usage and discover insights to help predict and optimise foot traffic and cleaning behaviour.


Automation with Robotics

Our fleet of autonomous robots (one of the largest in Australia) facilitates: increased cleaning efficiency, improved health and safety of staff, and delivers positive tenant engagement.


Sustainability and Waste

We use our waste data and analytics to generate impactful insights in real-time. We collaborate with customers to create a targeted plan to boost recycling and NABERS rating in your building.


Digital Operations

Our digital operations are underpinned by smart software that allows us to accurately track performance across buildings by leveraging Big data and advanced analytics. Digital inspection reports and maintenance ticketing are two areas we have developed to deliver a better customer experience.


Smart Services with IoT

Driving value through sensors and analytics

Smart services enables our customers to see their buildings usage and discover insights to help predict and optimize foot traffic and cleaning behaviour. We use combination of sensors and analytics that integrate with their systems.

We collaborate with our customers to understand their requirements before deploying our small, low impact smart sensors in key locations throughout their building to monitor foot traffic, cleaning behaviour and usage data. Real-time usage thresholds are set across the building with the onsite team able to respond in real-time to areas that require cleaning through our portal and app.

We securely capture all this data and visualise it in our integrated portal that provides valuable insights on how our customer's building is operating and how we are cleaning.

Using advanced analytics, we build a profile of our customer's building, optimise our cleaning and provide tangible benefits to our customers. This is achieved through data driven behaviour changes in our cleaning to deliver a more effective clean and better customer experience - predictive cleaning.  

A cleaner using a mobile phone to receive a cleaning alert

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Tenant Engagement

Tenant engagement through smart and scalable technology is a key focus for Consolidated when capturing our feedback and sentiment. Our tenant engagement app enables users of our customer's facilities to see cleaning status and also engage in providing feedback or specific maintainence requests through strategically placed touchscreens. The information is updated live by our sensors and cleaners on completion of their tasks.

Cleaner restocking paper towels

Digital alerts for perfect clean

Our digital alerts, through our app and portal, notify our cleaners that facilities have been used and require servicing. Our cleaners reset the facility to the highest professional standards using our chemical-free cleaning products.This digital feedback loop enables Consolidated to change our behaviour and cleaning schedules to better service our client's building and address any issues in a timely manner.

iPad kiosk in a foyer with a cleanerin the background cleaning a mirror

Digital consumables management

Using software and sensors we track usage of facilities that integrates with our tenant engagement solutions. This enables Consolidated to respond in a timely manner to customer requests and dynamically adjust our consumables management. This includes restocking bathroom handwash and toilet paper, laundry items such as towels and linen, providing complete management of stock levels and accurate reordering.

Our Apps

Real time cleaner reporting

Cleaners utilise our app to receive real-time alerts of the buildings usage so they can respond immediately to areas that require cleaning. Our real-time reporting app enhances the cleaners job by connecting them to our network and delivers greater customer experience.

Digital tracking of staff

Our digital tracking app leverages low impact beacon technology throughout a building to track the location of our staff during their shifts. This facilitates timely responses to client requests  by allocating tasks to the closest cleaner and it creates a digital audit trail for enhanced transparency and scheduled optimisation.

Digital inspection reporting

Our digital inspection reporting app allows you to have full view of  all inspections with their accompanying information. Allowing you to track quality control through real-time results and automatic dashboards, with every inspection at your fingertips. Our staff log cleaning updates, property damage and maintenance requests, as well as to report incidents for immediate support.

Person using the consolidated app

Left: The Consolidated app being used on a phone.

Monitor your Consolidated services, maintenance requests, incident reports, support, and cleaning staff attendance in real time.

Animation of an individual scrolling through and using the inspection app
Above: Animation demonstrating some of the screens in a Consolidated mobile app.

Our Innovation Ecosystem

Cleaning robot in an office environment

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Automation with robotics

Cleaner being assistend by a co-bot

Digital Operations

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Disinfection technology