The expertise of our highly trained workforce

We have the most educated workforce in the cleaning industry

At Consolidated, our training and education programs are integral to the success of our business. We understand that if people have the opportunity to learn better ways to do things, they are more confident, capable and motivated in their jobs.  You can be assured that your cleaning team knows how to do their job carefully, consistently and correctly – every time.

The Consolidated workforce

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Safety in everything we do



Cleaning knowledge is paramount



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Staff awards

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85% of
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Elevating the educational standards within the cleaning industry

Mary & John Grant

We have over 45 years experience in education and training

“Ongoing training is embedded in Consolidated’s management system, with important induction processes led by the HR team. All of the emphasis on the importance of education manifests in the company culture of “we care”.  Mary Grant

* Mary Grant, together with husband John, founded Consolidated in 1977.

Recycling Team

We are the waste and recycling experts

Consolidated’s experience in waste management is second to none. Our cleaners are comprehensively trained in all aspects of the implementation of our systems in the collection, sorting and management of all 27 waste streams. Our innovations together with our employee application,  assist our clients achieving important WELL, NABERS, BBP and Green Star sustainability ratings. 

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The most highly educated workforce in the cleaning industry

Consolidated has a policy of promoting from within and celebrates the 87% of the management team who commenced their careers with Consolidated as cleaners. The success of the transition from cleaner to manager is achieved through the Pathways Program. Cleaners who show the aptitude and attitude are invited to participate to learn how to manage a team, schedule and roster for different workplace environments, and importantly, how to lead a safe and compliant workplace. 

Group of staff at a conference

At Consolidated we share a global vision

Whilst Consolidated’s policies and practices set the benchmark for premium cleaning services in Australia, we always look beyond in the search for new ideas and innovations to share with our clients. Each year, outstanding team members are selected for overseas study trips to important global exhibitions to expand our vision and broaden our horizons in the world of property services.

pressure washing

Specialist technical cleaners trained for the difficult jobs

Consolidated has decades of experience in detailed cleaning of difficult areas and machinery such as escalators and high glass void areas, often found in retail and office buildings. Instead of outsourcing contractors for these tasks, we provide our own in-house teams, highly trained and experienced to undertake the cleaning as part of our full service offered to clients.


Cleaner with robot

Highly trained operators of high tech equipment

With the complexity and sophistication of hi-tech machinery and robotics, our cleaners have to be able to program, operate and maintain this equipment. Our Technology Services team specialise in the operations of these innovative cleaning machines, maintaining a very high standard of knowledge gained from our internal training programs, always keeping up to date of new technology and industry best practice.

Awards ceremony

Ethical & Compliant Trusted Partner

Consolidated has been at the forefront of ethical employment practices and community support within the property services industry.  We support the Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) principles. CAF highlights the importance of responsible contracting practices and are at the forefront of shaping policy. We have achieved CAF Contractor Prequalification to enable the provision of decent work to cleaners at our clients workplaces.