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Going further together.

Consolidated Property Services and BIC Services have come together in 2024 to form Australia’s premier property services supplier.

BIC Consolidated sits in a category of its own as Australia’s premier property service supplier, a premium offering of service excellence, that builds upon the culture, strengths and values of our two businesses coming together.

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Going further together
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Beyond Service

Consolidated is more than just a cleaning company. As a family owned business, we have been creating healthy & safe environments across the office, retail and education industries since 1977.

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Beyond Expectations

We exceed client expectations everyday through relentless performance and our exceptional teams. As true service partners to our clients, we provide tailored solutions through our knowledge & expertise.

Our Expertise

Beyond Tomorrow

A pioneer in delivering sustainable outcomes, utilising cutting edge innovation and technology to achieve quality outcomes.

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Our People

With over 3000 employees across the eastern seaboard, our people are our greatest asset and are committed to ethical employment practices through our modern slavery policy and Cleaning Accountability Framework 3 star prequalification.

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John and Mary grant the founders of Consolidated Property Services

It's the people that make a good business great

John and Mary Grant, Founders


Diverse Workforce

Everyone is welcome. All religions, cultures, genders & communities.


Respect & Equity

Respectful relationships and fair employment. An appreciated team.



Best practice induction, safety, and specialised training programs.

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Working at Consolidated offers more than a job; it’s a career. Over 87% of our managers started their careers at Consolidated as cleaners.
It’s nice to work where you are appreciated.

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