Technical Services

24x7 help when you most need it

Specialised cleaning services 

Consolidated offer a dedicated in-house Technical Service Division (TSD), which provides specialised cleaning requirements to our clients at the highest possible standards. By engaging TSD to complete specific requests, both the client and Consolidated can be reassured that all works will be completed in a safe and professional manner.

Specialised services include:

  • Specialised floor treatments
  • Pressure washing
  • Escalator and travelator deep cleaning
  • High access and glass cleaning
  • Steam and dry cleaning of soft surfaces & furnishings
Steam cleaning

Consolidated also offers an emergency response to urgent cleaning requirements in your property – at any time, day or night. 

Our professionally trained cleaning staff can quickly restore your workplace after a flood, spill or accident and work quickly to mitigate any damage caused to your building. Because no emergency is the same, we customise our response to suit your most immediate needs.


Specialised floor treatments

We will rescue and protect your floor from damage with specialised floor treatments that will protect and enhance the presentation of all surfaces including marble, natural stone floors, tiles and external areas.

Industrial Pressure Washing

Consolidated provides high strength commercial grade pressure washing services for both lightly soiled & heavy duty external areas. Our in- house TSD team are extensively trained in utilsing high powered machinery and comply with all safety requirements.

Vertical Transport Deep Cleans

Escalators, travelators and lifts can be subject to heavy usage from patrons throughout the day.

Consolidated ensures excellent presentation of specialised surfaces such as treads, risers, stainless steel and glass through our expert cleaning systems.

Soft surfaces & furnishings

Expensive floor coverings and soft furnishings are subject to much wear and tear.

Whether your carpet requires steam or dry cleaning, will assess the condition of the surface or fabric, and provide the best solution possible.


Emergency flood restoration

Water inundation brings with it a host of issues which when dealt with quickly, can minimise the potential for costly and extensive damage to your property.

Our team are available 24/7 to attend to emergency requests at your property.

Fully trained  team in specialised services


Innovative & commercial grade equipment 

Cleaner using squeegie to clean a window