Working at Consolidated

It's nice to work where you are appreciated

Australia's Leading Cleaning Company

Working in the country’s leading cleaning company is a very rewarding experience. Guaranteed contracts with full award pay and conditions is just the start. You receive amazing training and get to work with smart cleaning technology in some amazing places.

Consolidated is a family business started by John and Mary Grant in 1977 which is now run by the next generation, with the same ideals.

The company believes everyone should have a stable and reliable income with all the right employee’s entitlements.

Consolidated prides itself on running the organisation to the highest standards and being the industry leader in professional cleaning and sustainable waste recycling and management.

across 60+

all ages,
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Our Stories: Meet Some of the Crew


The team that works together & plays together too

Getting Together

A very important part of our work life is the regular get togethers we have as teams around the country. Whether we’re celebrating our monthly awards, or helping the KID’s Foundation, or hanging out at festivals, we enjoy being part of a supportive and positive team.

The team doing a high five

Supporting Our People

Consolidated took care of us throughout Covid, spending $250,000 in food hamper for those of us who couldn’t work due to shutdowns. Consolidated also ensured we had access to our Employee Assistance Program throughout this difficult time.

Strengthening Our Service

Our strength in setting up operations on site and establishing methodologies ensure the operations of the centre are smooth and seamless.

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“It doesn't just feel like a great team - it feels like my family”

CPS Award Winner

Cleaner using spray

Three consolidated employees socialising

A group of consolidated staff posing for a photo in our office

Thank Your Cleaner Day gift


A group of happy staff socialising outside a city office

Consolidated offers more than a job, it’s a career

A group of staff at the company fair

You have career options

You can join Consolidated as a cleaner without any experience and be fully trained on the job. Or, if you have experience, there are many great positions available including full-time and part-time cleaners, supervisors, managers and admin roles.
87% of our managers started their careers at Consolidated as cleaners. It’s great to know that your supervisor has done your job and fully understands the challenges you might face . You can be sure you will be trained and supported.

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