What about germs, Covid-19 in particular?

You know that cleaners are on the front line of the Covid-19 essential workforce. It’s us who make workplaces, shops and transport hubs safe because we know a thing or two about kicking Covid-19 to the kerb! Never in our lifetimes have cleaners been so important and relied upon by our community. We are on top of the science every day and are regulated by the experts in maintaining a Covid-19 free environment whilst keeping our cleaners safe.

We deliver a range of specialist Deep Covid-19 Cleaning services. These include precautionary deep cleans, infectious control (COVID-19) cleans, high touch point surface cleans and a special 28 day surface protectant. We do professional surface cleaning with accredited processes and antiseptics to ensure you are safe, and our customers are too.

We also support our cleaners should they need to get tested, prioritising our Teams’ wellbeing at all times.

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