I’ve not done it before, should I apply?

We welcome newcomers to our industry! Yes, definitely apply – you’ll be glad you did. We like to think we have added the fun into the cleaning game by making sure we work hard and we celebrate as a team hard. Not only do we recognise newcomers when they’ve done a great job, we continue to build on their knowledge base to become expert commercial cleaners, and then if they want, leaders and trainers and managers too.

Most of us start a new career at some time. Indeed, every one of our managers and family founders too, have started as a cleaner and worked their way up with our legendary training programs. When the CEO stops by to say hello, you can be assured he’s done your job too. Ask him for his tips (or give him some of yours!).

If you’re prepared to learn new skills and have a great work ethic, you’ll be welcomed at Consolidated.