The Heart of Cleaning

This Thursday, June 15th, is ‘International Cleaners Day’. At Consolidated, we commend this initiative which reminds us all of the great work the cleaning teams all around the country perform day to day.

Consolidated takes pride in the fact that as a business we champion diversity, with our cleaning team representing 49 different countries of origin and we recognize that our people are the heart of our industry.  This diverse and vibrant culture is integral to the philosophy of going above and beyond the requirements of the job – and we thank our team for driving that culture in their performance at work.



At Consolidated we know that the best teams are created, not found. Through supportive learning environments, ongoing incentives and structured training, our employees regularly improve their skills and subsequent career prospects. It’s no wonder that when it comes time to recruit for new positions, we search within our current pool first. In fact, 87% of our managers started out as cleaners with Consolidated. It’s a statistic that demonstrates our commitment to our people, something that we will always continue to do as the business continues to grow.