Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

Spring has well and truly arrived, bringing with it a sense of warmth and freshness into the workplace environment. It marks the perfect opportunity to revitalise your office space, while simultaneously boosting cleanliness, productivity, and employee comfort, while preparing your workplace for the year ahead.

We have collated the top four goals to keep in mind when refreshing your workspace, as well as detailing exactly how each one can be achieved.

  1. Higher productivity and lower absenteeism 

Maintaining hygienic spaces does away with sickness-inducing dust and bacteria, as well as reducing the risk of infections and viruses spreading. Steps as simple as disinfecting all high-use surfaces such as telephones, keyboards and mice, and communal kitchen areas, can go a long way towards improving employee wellbeing.

  1. Reduced stress and improved staff morale

It’s easy to feel snowed under as paperwork piles up on our desks. By clearing the clutter and organising important files it is much easier to prioritise work and settle into a focused mindset. An environmentally friendly approach is always encouraged, and so paper recycling bins are a solid choice.

Numerous studies and experts have agreed that greenery dotted around the office can have real benefits for employee wellbeing. Low maintenance plant life can—quite literally—help employees breathe a sigh of relief, as well as encouraging creative thinking and a calmer mentality.

  1. Improved waste and recycling targets

Spring is a time when we welcome all that nature has to offer—the beautiful greenery that occupies our views, the sunshine that flows in through our windows, and the floral scents emanating from plant life around the office. It’s is therefore the perfect time to re-evaluate the office’s environmental standing. Centralised bins can significantly reduce the amount of waste within the workplace, while further options, such as organic bins, can be the right choice under the right circumstances. Aspects of office life such as lighting, selection of suppliers,e-waste disposal, and transportation should all be reassessed. Continual employee education is key to maintaining long-term environmental procedures.

  1. Reduced hazards and improved safety

Use this opportunity to review and, if necessary, update your work health and safety policy. This will ensure that any potential hazards are removed, first aid kits are topped up, faulty equipment is replaced, and testing and tagging is up to date.