School Cleaning Services

Tailored Educational and School Cleaning Solutions

Developed over three decades of industry experience, our EduClean school cleaning system considers the unique requirements, planning and management for school cleaning services and cleaning other educational facilities. We use a systematic approach to term school cleaning, specifically tailored to the needs of your educational institution. Our use of cutting-edge environmental cleaning equipment and processes (e.g. non-chemical cleaning) ensures a clean and healthy working environment for your staff and students. We continuously review our green procurement systems to ensure the products and systems we use have a low environmental impact.

School Cleaning

We understand the unique requirements of maintaining a clean and healthy school for your staff and students. Consolidated Property Services ensure efficiency in our scheduling and school cleaning best practices. Our highly trained, friendly and professional cleaning staff have all the required clearances to work in educational facilities. We value what you value, providing you with competitive rates, quality cleaning and a clean and healthy environment for your students and staff.

TAFE and University Cleaning

University and TAFE cleaning requires specific scheduling to ensure that different areas receive varying levels of attention depending on the level of usage day to day. Our education cleaning solutions include quality control systems and inspections for reporting compliance. Our staff use colour coded equipment to create a cleaner and safer environment for you staff and students.