Retail Cleaning

Tailored Retail Cleaning Solutions

At Consolidated Property Services, we have a deep understanding of the unique needs of the retail cleaning sector. We have decades of experience cleaning retail businesses. Our retail cleaning systems are tailored to the needs of your business and requirements of any present centre management. We continuously evaluate our systems and quality inspection reporting to ensure that we satisfy your evolving business needs. We use cutting-edge environmental cleaning equipment and processes (e.g. non-chemical cleaning) to minimise our environmental impact while ensuring a clean and healthy working environment for your staff and customers.

Strong Partnerships With Centre Management

We work together with centre managers to achieve the highest quality cleaning standards for your Centre. We have extensive experience managing labour for 24-hour sites for a variety of retail clients. We combine the implementation and management of floor maintenance systems ensuring consistent efficient and effective service.

Friendly Professional Cleaning Staff

Our cleaning staff are highly trained in quality cleaning systems and customer service. All Consolidated Property Services retail-cleaning crews have a friendly hospitality focus and are well presented and professional. Our retail cleaners receive support, training and dedicated supervision.


Our experience includes:

Strong partnerships with Centre Management
High traffic service areas (eg. food courts)
High levels customer service
Trained friendly staff with a hospitality focus
Well supported, trained and dedicated supervision
Quality systems
Risk & safety awareness
Environmental solutions
Uniformed staff

Quality inspection reporting
Security focused
Rubbish removal & management
Colour coded equipment
Competitive & achievable production rates
Floor maintenance programs
Travelator cleaning
State of the art equipment


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