Making Sustainable Choices on World Environment Day

At Consolidated Property Services, we are extremely proud of our standing as an industry leader in sustainability and waste management. This is through our commitment to embracing sustainable practices and innovations. In celebration of World Environment Day, we’d like to take a moment to share some of the simple yet effective ways that as a community, we can reduce our impact on the environment.

Waste and Recycling

A key aspect of a successful recycling program is to effectively communicate and engage with stakeholders. This can include focused targeted training on items or practices that are causing confusion – i.e coffee cups which continue to be a talking point!  When introducing or wanting to improve on an existing recycling program, it’s important that it has measurable outcomes. This way success stories can be communicated to further encourage positive behaviours or identify areas of improvements.

The ABC network’s recent series ‘War on Waste’ focused on the impact of people’s behaviour as well as practical suggestions to reduce the amount of waste we generate. It also shed some light on the ongoing confusion around certain items that can or cannot be recycled #WarOnWasteAU

Sustainable Purchasing

As an organisation, another way to ensure reduced social and environmental impact is to review the products they use and create sustainable purchasing criteria.  This can be overwhelming at first, however apart from improving an organisation’s environmental performance, they have also identified opportunities for reducing costs.

Going Digital

Many organisations are making the switch from filing cabinets to online databases. However, many still don’t use their digital resources to their full potential. Another suggestion is to remember to switch off or unplug all unnecessary IT equipment at the end of the day to minimize unnecessary power usage. Alternatively, install an office-wide power switch to ensure this happens reliably.


More and more companies are adopting initiatives including staff incentives which encourage a greener commute. Whether employees opt to walk or cycle, take public transport or carpool, these decisions can be a good excuse to exercise and reduce an individual’s carbon footprint which collectively makes an incredible difference.

We hope that these simple steps have inspired you to implement some sustainable changes in your organisation. Establishing this culture will encourage individuals to take measures that will build a sense of personal responsibility and help contribute to the global community and a sustainable future.