Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wide range of cleaning locations – educational facilities, commercial office buildings and retail/shopping centres – and we will work with you to find the best location that works for both you and us.

Whilst having cleaning experience is an advantage, we also highly value your experience in other industries. If you’ve worked in hospitality, that tells us you know the importance of customer service and friendliness. Likewise, if you have worked in retail, you already know how to engage with others as part of a retail team. Whether it’s your first exposure to the cleaning industry or you are a seasoned cleaner with years of experience, we welcome your life skills to your job here at Consolidated.

We offer many ways to work at Consolidated.

We provide cleaning services, 24 hours, 7 days a week!
We always need part-time, full-time and casual employees for our growing company. We’ll work with you to accommodate your family’s needs, a second job, uni study or the sport commitments you are juggling. Because we believe it’s important to have a healthy life/work balance and will work with you to find the right combination for us all.

Once you are offered a position at Consolidated, you begin straightaway.

But first, everyone – whether a specialist cleaner or a newbie – you get a full induction to learn just how we do things at Consolidated. You’ll get a uniform, training, and a team to work with, all in the first week. And the best part is that of course you’ll be paid full award wages from the time you step inside our doors. After your professional Induction, you’ll be confident and capable of doing the job well!

We welcome newcomers to our industry! Yes, definitely apply – you’ll be glad you did. We like to think we have added the fun into the cleaning game by making sure we work hard and we celebrate as a team hard. Not only do we recognise newcomers when they’ve done a great job, we continue to build on their knowledge base to become expert commercial cleaners, and then if they want, leaders and trainers and managers too.

Most of us start a new career at some time. Indeed, every one of our managers and family founders too, have started as a cleaner and worked their way up with our legendary training programs. When the CEO stops by to say hello, you can be assured he’s done your job too. Ask him for his tips (or give him some of yours!).

If you’re prepared to learn new skills and have a great work ethic, you’ll be welcomed at Consolidated.

Surprisingly, today’s Consolidated cleaners are working in regularly cleaned environments, so much of what we do is maintenance to keep it that way. Of course, accidents happen, and you’ll need to react and be a problem solver whether it’s a spill at a shopping centre, general litter after a student rally at uni or an office party clean up. Most of your tasks will be similar to what you’ll do at home, but you’ll be better equipped and the spaces will be bigger.

We’ve spent years eliminating heavy lifting and floor scrubbing from the job of a cleaner. Today you’ll find lots of technology doing the heavy lifting for you. We have robot technology that you will grow to love!

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Industrial Cleaning

We hear your question! Consolidated is a family owned company that really cares about its people.

We started in 1977 – that’s 45 years ago. And we intend to be here for another 45 years too. You can’t do what we’ve done without amazing employees and good, fair management.

You can trust Consolidated to:

  • Always consider your safety first
  • Respect you and always treat you fairly
  • Value who you are, your traditions, religion and culture
  • Pay you on time, every time the correct award wage and loadings
  • Acknowledge and reward a job well done
  • Offer you a supportive pathway to progress and build your career with us
  • and importantly, listen to your suggestions, concerns and complaints and act

You know that cleaners are on the front line of the Covid-19 essential workforce. It’s us who make workplaces, shops and transport hubs safe because we know a thing or two about kicking Covid-19 to the kerb! Never in our lifetimes have cleaners been so important and relied upon by our community. We are on top of the science every day and are regulated by the experts in maintaining a Covid-19 free environment whilst keeping our cleaners safe.

We deliver a range of specialist Deep Covid-19 Cleaning services. These include precautionary deep cleans, infectious control (COVID-19) cleans, high touch point surface cleans and a special 28 day surface protectant. We do professional surface cleaning with accredited processes and antiseptics to ensure you are safe, and our customers are too.

We also support our cleaners should they need to get tested, prioritising our Teams’ wellbeing at all times.

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