Consolidated ‘snaps’ for a Great Cause

As a part of our ongoing corporate social responsibility partnership with the not for profit organisation, KIDS Foundation (KIDS), Consolidated played proud host to the Safety Awareness Photo Contest. The results demonstrated an understanding of widespread safety measures across our workplace and a strong alignment with the ‘injury prevention’ campaign run by the KIDS Foundation. Safety has always been at the forefront of what we do as a business and this competition reinforced this important message.

We were extremely pleased with the level of staff participation and involvement, with numerous entries demonstrating safe work practices with a touch of creativity. The well-deserved winning entries were awarded with fantastic prizes including Giant mountain bikes for individual entries and Verve photo portraits for group entrants.

Winners Photo - CPS

The photo contest served to reinforce key safety messages with the help of the KIDS Foundation. The KIDS Foundation is committed to supporting those children and their families living with serious injuries and burns. The Foundation is also committed to creating and instilling a culture of safety amongst young people and educating them on how to be safe at school and at home.

Managing Director of the KIDS Foundation, Susie O’Neill, commented that ‘It is important to KIDS to be partnered with companies that have reputable and strong brands, good image and morals which Consolidated Property Services has. A partnership with your company is one of the greatest gifts you could give to KIDS.’

Kids Foundation - CPS

Sharing the common goal of injury prevention, Consolidated and the KIDS Foundation have enjoyed a thriving relationship since 2012. Since then, we have had the pleasure of hosting Walk for the KIDS Foundation fundraisers and attending the bi-annual KIDS Foundation camps.

We would like to thank the Kids Foundation and all participants for their entries and look forward to many more safety initiatives to follow.

Find out more about  Kids Foundation and how Consolidated Property Sevices supports the exceptional work that they do here.