Consolidated Leads the Way with Solar Waste Technology

As part of our commitment to embracing cutting edge advancements in the cleaning sector, Consolidated has recently adopted Bigbelly, a brand new solar panelled waste technology. The Bigbelly Smart Waste and Recycling System represents a huge step toward efficiently caring for our environment through maintaining litter-free outdoor spaces.

Put simply, this system gives us more insight into how bins are being used in public spaces, and how best to maintain them. Individual waste collection stations are powered by their own solar panel, allowing them to self-compress waste. Monitored through a central cloud-based system, they can then relay real-time information back to the system manager. With fully automated reporting, we as operators can receive timely feedback about how our broader waste management system is performing.

We receive alerts as bins are reaching capacity, which simultaneously reduces the need for unnecessary pick ups and also reduces the risk of overflow. In a trial conducted at one of our retail sites, we found that we could reduce the frequency of bins being emptied by 60%, enabling us to redeploy labour to concentrate on improving presentation rather than emptying bins that aren’t full.

We are always investigating new ways to improve our business’s efficiency while still prioritising our environmental commitment. Ongoing advancements in smart technology will continue to shape Consolidated in years to come.