Consolidated Property Services has launched a series of team building initiatives over the past 12 months, with the purpose of further encouraging team collaboration, motivation and in turn driving continual improvement across the team. As part of the most recent ‘Team Building’ activity, the management team of Consolidated participated in a farm getaway, where employees participated in a Masterchef simulation activity, focusing on creativity, leadership and most importantly, team collaboration.

As part of the team building day, Consolidated hosted its’ Annual Consolidated Awards event, recognising the organisation’s top performing managers across 5 categories:

  • Portfolio Manager of the Year (Awarded to 3 Top Performers)
  • Cultural Leader Award
  • Directors Award
  • Leadership & Process Excellence Award
  • Rising Star Award

The well-deserving winners have earned a spot at the ISSA Interclean Trade Show, to be held in Las Vegas next month. Consolidated Property Services, Chief Commercial Officer, Eliza Hoppe stated, “Continual engagement and development of the team, is the backbone of our culture. The more the team develops, it will continue to contribute to the success of the business and ultimately drive continual improvements at a site level. It is a pleasure to recognise the Annual award winners for their contribution and their hard-work – It is a win-win for both parties.”