Company Culture

What makes Consolidated a great place to work?

Since 1977, we put our employees first. It’s the centre point of our focus and an integral feature of our company culture.

We can’t deliver the best cleaning services without the very best trained and motivated cleaners. Over the years we have identified what’s important in the workplace. It’s not only about the pay cheque, it’s also about preparing and equipping our cleaners with what they really need to do a great job. It’s the important safety standards we insist upon. It’s the professional uniform you can be proud of and the flexibility and support you can expect from your managers.

When you show care and passion in your work, we see it.
Great work deserves to be rewarded and we have many programs to do just that. From our monthly High 5 Reward recognitions to our overseas study tours, being a Consolidated cleaner is a job that offers much, much more. As you master your job, the choice will be yours if you want to tackle new positions and learn new skills. And you’ll have all the support to achieve your aims.

Career Steps

Whether you are a Manager or a school graduate, you’ll learn the job from the ground up, because at Consolidated, we do cleaning very differently. After 45 years, we’ve refined the art of cleaning, down to new, amazing technological innovations that make the job smarter and better – and infinitely easier for you. Whether it’s a sensor to tell you if that shower has been used, or a robot to clean up spills, cleaning is probably very different to what you may think it is. At Consolidated, we are always refining, improving, consolidating and innovating so you can be sure a Consolidated career is interesting, challenging and rewarding too.

Join a Team

You are never alone at Consolidated. We work in helpful, support and super friendly teams whether you are in a shopping centre or a school, warehouse or gym! With a great mix of ages, cultures, languages and personalities, being on a Consolidated Team makes cleaning infinitely more fun. And the team that works hard together, has fun times too. From Pizza day to our Charity partner, Kids Foundation events and fundraisers, you will be treated as one of the family when you join our work team.

Who should apply?

At Consolidated, we are an equal opportunity employer, which means that regardless of your sex, age, religion, cultural background, language or nationality, we welcome you to apply and join our team. We already have over 50 different nationalities represented on our workforce, adding to our rich cultural mix. We learn from each other and together we succeed.