Consolidated: The Specialist Cleaning Service

The Technical Services Division (‘TSD’) at Consolidated was born from the need of our business to deliver specialized cleaning solutions to our valued clients.  We identified the need to provide a cost effective service to our clients, giving them the peace of mind that cleaning solutions specialists will deliver a trusted and professional service, at a reasonable price, while delivering the desired outcomes for our clients.

These specialist services are undertaken by a well-qualified, experienced, industry leading team of professionals, who enable us to fulfil specialised cleaning requirements to the highest possible level.

The TSD provide services for a number of deep cleaning solutions, including:

  • pressure washing;
  • carpark degreasing;
  • escalator cleaning;
  • innovative floor treatment practices;
  • hard floor maintenance and/or recovery;
  • steam cleaning; and
  • high area cleaning

escalator cleaning before and after


The TSD specialists combine an experience based understanding of innovative techniques with an aptitude for problem solving, to maximize cost effective cleaning solutions for our clients. A recent example of this was when one of our retail clients planned to remove their damaged floor within the centre at considerable expense.  In consultation with our client, our TSD specialists presented an alternative solution to restore the existing floor using specialized techniques.  At the completion of the works, our client was so happy with the results, they decided that the floor did not need to be replaced, and subsequently provided significant cost savings to our client.

Our TSD offers assured levels of experience and expertise to deliver more effectively managed quality outcomes, synonymous with the Consolidated brand.  With this being our own in-house team, we are able to deliver a more streamlined communication flow throughout all levels of the operation, as well as quicker response and turnaround times. Our clients can be confident that staff have obtained all required permits; are covered by appropriate insurances; abide by noise curfews; and have been fully trained to perform their jobs.

Put simply, the TSD helps fulfill our need to deliver an all-inclusive, cost effective professional cleaning service solution package to our valued clients.