National Safe Work Month: A Focus on Employee Wellbeing

Safety has always been at the forefront of what Consolidated does, and it is our objective to ensure that all team members have a safe working environment. We achieve this through providing relevant training, appropriate and well-maintained cleaning equipment, comprehensive Safe Work Methods, and open communication between Management and our team members.

Health and wellbeing is supported in the workplace through our site toolbox meeting schedules, our monthly Workplace Safety Topics, the Employee Assistance Program available to all team members and their families, and a robust reward and recognition program.

However, health and wellbeing extends well beyond the workplace. It is in this area that we encourage our team members to ensure that they are doing everything that they need to do to take care of themselves away from the workplace as well.

We encourage that they do all the following EVERY day:

  • Get 6-8 hours of sleep
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Drink two litres of water
  • Get 20 minutes of physical activity

By adopting these simple practices at an individual level, we can ensure the health, efficiency and success of our teams.