The Impact of Cleanliness on the Australian Workplace and Culture.

In Australia, there are numerous HR departments that are seeking new ways to enhance the working environment for their workers. Much thought and initiative goes into ideas that can boost employee morale and productivity. One of the major influencers that is usually overlooked is the business’s investment into cleaning initiatives. There are many benefits to maintain a clean working environment. We explain some of the benefits to investing in a clean working environment in your workplace and explain how it can further impact your workplace culture and productivity.

A clean workplace environment improves the workplace health and safety for the business.

Australian businesses are now in an era where they face ongoing scrutiny for their operational health and safety practices. One of the quick wins that organisations can commit to is to eliminate any potential hazards that could risk the health of its employees. Safework Australia recommends that businesses implement good housekeeping practices by keeping the workplace clean and clear, as well as investing in training and supervision for staff to recognize the value of good housekeeping.

How can a clean working environment boost productivity?

Messy and cluttered workspaces directly impact employee performance. Messy working environments affect employees’ attention to detail and can lead them to cut corners when doing their work. It also leads to employees becoming more disorganized, which decreases the operational efficiency for the business.

A clean workplace environment sends the right message to both staff and customers.

For employees, a clean working environment does help to boost morale. If your business’s image is one that projects quality, then it essential to initiate cleaning practices that will further enhance the quality products and services that your employees will produce, as well as the projected image that the business wants to portray.

What has been the stance from Australian cleaning companies?

Prominent Melbourne based cleaning company Consolidated who have been operating since the 1970’s understand the legal implications a business can face should they not adhere to clean workplace practices that can affect the workplace health and safety of both their staff and customers. On their website, Consolidated state that:

risk management is the responsibility of all employees, and therefore all employees must be trained and aware of potential risks, to themselves, the client and the company.”

The recognition of these health concerns has sparked a new wave for businesses to maintain a healthy working environment.

Businesses can change their fortune for the better in 2016 through cleaning initiatives.

Businesses that have invested into their cleaning initiatives have seen the benefits pay off in unexpected ways. Business that have already invested in these initiatives have found that the clean working environment is leading to better employee health and is therefore reducing the amount of sick days employees are taking throughout the year. This has had a direct impact on productivity. Furthermore, cleaner working environments have seen the preservation of their workplace environment. A workplace that is seen to be cared for will be cared for by employees meaning that the business will need to spend less on repairs to damaged items within the business. The clean environment can also inject a sense of positivity into the workplace that should boost morale and the overall operational productivity for the business.

There are strong benefits to maintaining a clean and healthy working environment. While there are a still a large number of Australian businesses that still fail to recognise the value of a clean workplace, those businesses that have adopted clean initiatives and procedures into their workplace are steadily seeing the productivity and operational benefits that it can offer. If you operate a business and you haven’t focused on ‘clean initiatives’, make a start today and reap the rewards in 2016 and beyond.